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The air is Good for you!


Clinical problems:

The human pelvis is not designed for sitting, so seating must be designed for the human pelvis.

AireRx cushions are designed around the human pelvis and the actual experience of prolonged sitting.


Cushions are designed around the average measurements of the adult pelvis

Off-loads weight normally born by ischial tuberosities

Redistri-butes pressure away from pelvic points where we are more suscept-ible to skin breakdown

Contributing factors to sitting discomfort and medical complications:

Unrelieved Pressure, shear, heat, moisture, incontinence and trauma


The fabric in the cover:

We use the most technologically advanced

fabric for maximum comfort.

Spacer Fabric

3 dimensional

Air flow

Foam Replacement

2 needle safety stitch

3 needle surge

600D poly backed Cordura

The AireRx spacer fabric provides a passageway

for cool air to replace hot, moist air next to the skin.Bild3.jpg



The AireRx technology directly addresses the unmet

    clinical need to reduce heat and moisture buildup for

    wheelchair patients and others who spend

    considerable time sitting.

AireRx SP and SPP cushions can be equipped with a

    fan powered by rechargeable batteries – SPC and


The circulated air dramatically reduces moisture and

    humidity levels, and reduces heat buildup –

    delivering cool comfort.

The AireRx Circulation System is a discretionary cost

    (not reimbursed) added to the purchase of a cushion.

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